About Texas Quality Structures

It is not unusual to need more buildings or structures in your yard when your requirements grow. Additional metal buildings, barns, cabins, and portable buildings can be highly convenient. Safe rooms can and do save lives.

A few years ago, Greg Morrow, our founder, decided that putting together the best and the strongest structures for sale in Texas would be a winning combination.

It was not too long before locals started to agree with him in droves. Today, we have two locations in Glen Rose and Stephenville that serve customers during the week and on weekends.

Here are some of the benefits that you can take advantage of as our customer.

Great Prices

If the building is not your main residence, you should not have to pay an arm and a leg in order to have it put into your yard. Most structures that we sell are therefore well within the price range of our client base. Even larger structures can be available with financing options, making it easy to get something that you need now and pay it off over time. Our philosophy has always been to offer quality structures that exceed government and federal requirements and at a great price that doesn’t break the bank.

A Wealth of Building Types

If you are looking for a cabin, barn, shed, garage, metal building, safe room, or cattle structure, you have come to the right place.

With some of the strongest structure ratings possible in each category, our customers have found that repeatedly, the structures that they buy last and protect them.

Of course, it is important to be able to put your safe room in correctly when you do install it. For that reason, with specialty types of shelters and buildings, we are able to offer you help every step of the way. Safe rooms can be installed in a matter of four to eight hours, depending on the home or business in question.

Portable Buildings That Scale

Whether you need a small shed to store tools or a large portable garage for vehicles, we have the size that you need. When you come out to one of our warehouses, it should not take you long to find the size and options that you are looking for. Both Texwin and Graceland Portable buildings are so sophisticated that you can literally order almost every option that is available on your own home - just like a century ago when Sears had mail-order homes.

The primary difference today is that with Graceland Portable buildings, you have hundreds of options that are all available to drive away with or schedule to have delivered to your place right away because we keep them in stock.

Warranties and Service

Companies do not expand as we have without providing something that the customer values. We spent a lot of time putting together a strong mix of the best quality structures in Texas. When you add to that strong warranties and our absolute commitment to excellent customer service as we go through the process of helping get the buildings or storage structures that you want, we know that you end up with a pleasant, streamlined experience that allows you to focus on enjoying the new features your place will have.

Get in touch today to discuss your building needs. Whether you’re looking to expand the storage of your business, need additional barns for your farm or a tool shed for your tools, or you are looking for a safe place to stay when a tornado hits, Texas Quality Structures is the trusted name to turn to.

For questions, call 817-517-3417 (Glen Rose) or 530-953-7898 (Stephenville). You may also visit one of our locations to speak with our team.