5 Benefits of Living in a Tiny Home

There can be so many benefits for your family when it comes to living in a smaller home. If you have been considering the idea of living in a smaller home then you might consider a Texas, Oklahoma, or Louisiana American Steel tiny home. Let’s talk about five of the main ways you and your family can benefit by living in a tiny house or barndominium.

Saving Money

One of the main benefits that we should talk about first is the fact that you will save yourself tons of money by moving into a smaller house. The first thing you will notice is a lower mortgage payment (or you’ll have no mortgage at all) and then you will notice that other bills are smaller as well. For instance, with less square footage to your house, there will obviously be a lower electric bill and at the end of the month, these savings are amazing and give you the opportunity to spend your money where you want.

Another factor to consider when living in a tiny house is that you will be living well below your means, which will give you a great amount of peace of mind. This is because while you are living in this smaller house you should be able to build up a better savings cushion so that if something unexpected (and expensive) comes up you will be able to handle it with greater ease.

Easier Cleaning

Living in a smaller house means you will have a lot less to clean up. For example, if you move from a 3,000 square foot home to a 300 square foot home the amount of time you take cleaning the smaller home will be a fraction of what you used to do. You are looking at a five-hour cleaning time frame or a five-minute cleaning time frame. This is a huge difference and you can take the time you save and put it into other, more meaningful things like spending more time with your family.

If your house is larger than you will have more things. These things are just more things to keep up with and have to clean. If you live in a smaller space then you have to be extremely cautious about what you purchase because you only have so much space to work with. This can benefit you because the fewer things you have the easier everything is to manage and clean.

A Relationship Builder

Having a smaller house can help your family to become closer. When you are living with your family members in a smaller space, then you have to find ways to work and be around each other and you have to learn how to have conflict resolution and good communication. It forces you to be closer to the people you live with. It is hard to avoid people in a small space so you have to find ways to mediate your differences so that you can co-exist peacefully.

If you have a larger home then everyone can go their separate ways and do their own thing. In a smaller house, you have no choice but to be around each other even if you are doing your own thing. Most of the time this will help families to choose activities that involve everyone instead of doing their own individual thing because they are all in the same place anyway.

Living Simpler

Because you have such a limited amount of space to work with you will have to choose wisely what you will have in your home. The simple truth is you don’t need everything that you have in a home with 3,000 square feet. Most of the time when you are able to get rid of some of the excess things from a bigger home you are actually happier. If you think about the things that you or your family members use every day and then pick out the things you and your family need for each person’s particular hobby then you have all you need. The less clutter you have to deal with the more at peace you can be. It is just fewer things to stress about.

Easier Customization

When you live in a huge house with 3,000 square feet, it can become overwhelming trying to figure out how you want to decorate every part of your house. It also becomes really expensive to decorate and furnish all the rooms. If you don’t have a lot of savings or cushion in your budget then you will have a hard time finishing your home and making sure that it is welcoming to everyone who visits.

If you live in a smaller, 300 square foot home then you can choose exactly how you want to decorate it and you won’t break the budget in the process. You can do some of the projects yourself and you can find small quality items with which to decorate. Before you know it, your house will be complete and you will have no qualms about inviting others over to see it. It is much easier to make a smaller space feel like a cozy home then it is if you have a huge house that has a lot of space to fill. Often with a larger house, you will find that it is more impersonal and not as cozy.

A Cozy Homestead of your Own

Obviously, it is up to you to determine what will make you and your family happy. Keep in mind all of the perks of a small home that you read about here and then think of the family you have. Would you all be happy if you had a smaller home where you could save more money, it was easier to clean, you could build better relationships, you could live more simply, and you could customize the house to your wants and needs? You have to choose what would make you and your family the happiest and give you the most peace of mind.

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