Design Your Own Barns, Cabins, Structures and More with Our 3D Configurator

However You Want It – We Can Build It!

At Texas Quality Structures, we want you to be able to get the exact building you’ve always wanted. Other building companies may offer you one or two options from which to choose, but through the use of sophisticated 3D software, we can design for you the perfect Texwin structure that fits your requirements perfectly.

We start with a design template based on your basic requirements, such as a cattle barn, horse barn, loafing shed, carport, garage, mechanic shop, RV cover, or backyard pavilion. You can let us know any specific requirements you have and we can accommodate them. We’ll design the building for you and email you the initial design for you to see. The email will include an estimated price based on the size and materials chosen.

From there, you can change virtually everything about your custom-designed structure! Let us know the changes you want to make, and we’ll send you an updated design picture and a new quote. You have complete control over the structures you buy from us and you get to see exactly what you’re buying before you order it.

What Type of Building Can Be Created?

Our custom-design structures are based on Texwin carports, garages, and barns. We think you’ll be amazed at how much customization we can offer while keeping the price super low.


First, consider the general style of building you are looking for. Is it a:

  • Carport
  • Garage
  • Garage with a carport in front (“end combo”)
  • Garage with a carport to the side (“side combo”)
  • Texas barn
  • Seneca barn
  • Regular barn
  • Loafing shed


Next, decide on the size that would best benefit you. You can give us some rough estimates and we’ll build the mockup for you from those, or you can be really specific on the exact dimensions you need.

Typically, we can design buildings of a width between 10 feet and 50 feet. An even width between 12 and 40 foot is standard – other sizes can incur a slight charge.

Similarly, when it comes to length, we’re able to supply lengths between 8 feet and 200 feet, though choosing a length in the range between 21 feet and 196 feet is the norm.

You can choose a leg height of between 6 feet and 14 feet.

For combined garage carport combos, you can specify the depth or width of the enclosed garage.

For barns, you can also specify the width, length, and height of each of the leans.


Choose between various roof styles:

  • Regular 29-gauge roofing with rounded corners
  • Boxed eave 29-gauge roofing with a classic A-frame style
  • Classic A-frame style roofing with vertical panels (better rain and snow protection, highly recommended for long buildings)

You can choose the pitch of the roof, from 2/12 to 6/12.


You can optionally choose to add an enclosed storage space on the left side, right side, or back, depending on the type of building you choose.


For most walls, you can choose more siding options. Instead of the wall being fully enclosed, you could opt for a gable design, extended gable, left or right side only, or a combination of such. You can even choose to have the siding completely open. You can choose to have J-Trim on the exposed edges of panels, or 45-degree angle cuts on gables.


Framing can be:

  • 14-gauge
  • 12-gauge
  • 14-gauge certified to 115 mph
  • 12-gauge certified to 115 mph

Roofing and siding can be 29-gauge or 26-gauge.


Each of the roof, siding, and trim can have its own color, or your building can be uniform. We offer 16 colors at the time of writing - Brite White, Roman Blue, Clay, Ivory, Surrey Beige, Patrician Bronze, Ash Gray, Light Stone, Autumn Red, Tudor Brown, Charcoal, Terratone, Evergreen, Brandywine, Timber Tan, and Galvalume.


Add doors anywhere you want to on your building, in a number of styles. We offer roll-up doors, walk-in doors, and sectional garage doors.

Walk-in doors are available in 36-inch, 48-inch, and 60-inch sizes. You can opt for 9-lite windows if you want to be able to see through the door.

Roll-up doors are available in sizes from 6-foot by 6-foot up to 12-foot by 12-foot. You can opt for 45-degree angle cuts for the top two corners of the door.

A sectional garage door is a heavy-duty door, coming in sizes between 8-foot by 8-foot to 16-foot by 12-foot. You can opt for an automatic opener with two remote controls.


There are three choices of windows:

  • 30-inch by 30-inch windows
  • 30-inch by 27-inch windows with shutters
  • 30-inch by 40-inch windows with shutters

You can also choose 12-inch by 12-inch vents. You can choose as many windows and doors as you wish, and place them exactly where you want them on your custom building.

Additional Services

We offer a range of additional services and add-ons for your custom building. For example, we can install over an existing structure, install on a dock or deck, install onto a wall, cut the legs on-site, add a concrete slab, add spray foam insulation, and we offer financing.

Process Summary

  • Give us a rough idea of the size, materials, and purpose of your proposed structure
  • We’ll send you a 3D mockup of your choices with a cost estimate
  • Refine the design as many times as you like
  • We’ll update the design and quote each time until you’re completely satisfied
  • We’ll deliver and set up everything at no extra cost

Get Your Custom Designed Building Today

As you can see, you can get exactly the building you want from Texas Quality Structures, and we do all of the work designing, sourcing, and installing your building. We handle all of the design work – all you have to do is let us know what you want or how you want to change our mockup designs for your specific needs.

Our customers love being able to fully customize their garages, carports, barns, and sheds in such detail. Don’t settle for a building that doesn’t correctly serve your needs – get a custom built and designed structure from Texas Quality Structures.

For questions, call 817-517-3417 (Glen Rose) or 530-953-7898 (Stephenville). You may also visit one of our locations to speak with our team.