Get on the Tiny Home Tidal Wave with Texas Quality Structures

Texas Quality Structures offers tiny homes (also known as tiny houses or barndominums) that allow you to jump on the tiny home trend. We completely finish the exterior of your new home to a high standard, leaving you to decorate the interior as you see fit. We’ll deliver, install, and set up your tiny home for you FREE of charge, and we offer financing with low monthly payments.

Reasons to Live in a Little House

We all know phrases like “living large” and “larger than life” but many people now are deciding to live small. For anyone who hasn’t yet considered living in a little house, they may think it’s a little odd. Why would someone choose to live in a tiny home from Texas Quality Structures?

There are so many reasons to shift to living in a small space and take on a new way of life. Among the biggest reasons to live tiny are to save money, to be more environmentally friendly, and to gain more independence and extra time on your hands.

You can save a whole lot of money by living in a smaller house, and this enables people to live life more abundantly and spend that extra cash saved on adventures instead. In the United States, most people spend a whopping 33-50% of their personal income on their house alone. Homeownership (and rental) takes up a lot of energy and time when it comes to figuring out how to afford it. Three-fourths of Americans have to live “paycheck to paycheck” if they want to live in a normal-sized house. It’s said that fifteen years or more of work throughout one’s lifetime will be dedicated solely towards buying a home.

Most Americans work all the time to buy stuff we don’t need and a bigger space than we need. It is stressful to run this rat race and try to keep up with the Joneses or buy the bigger home that we think we need - but really don’t.

Thankfully, there is a solution to the madness. Many people are starting to realize that tiny living is a wonderful alternative to this constant financial struggle. It definitely won’t appeal to everyone but to those whom it does, they will soon find out it is so much more affordable than normal-sized housing.

Less Cost to Purchase

When you buy a normal sized home, there is usually a massive initial cost. In addition to the up-front investment, there are so many other fees including interest, taxes, insurance, maintenance, repairs, and home improvements. During an approximate thirty-year time one spends in a home, that can create a true cost of more than a million dollars!

The trend of tiny homes is becoming more and more popular. Why? Well, the cost on average of a small house is much less than a normal sized home. We offer tiny homes for much less than you’d ever pay for a normal home, and upkeep costs are much lower as well. Even if you “park” your house in certain areas, you may have to pay to rent the land in addition to insurance but it still saves so much money in the end.

What Does It Look Like to Live in a Tiny House or Barndominium?

Just as everyone is different, every tiny home is different. You can customize almost everything to suit your own needs. Tiny home owners do all have one big thing in common, and that is the financial freedom their house provides and how much money they save.

The maintenance on a small home is substantially less than a regular sized house. Normal houses are on average over eleven times as big as your average tiny homes. You can imagine how much money and time you’ll save on the upkeep.

There are some surprising statistics you may not know about. Almost 70% of those who choose a tiny house do not have to pay a mortgage (in comparison with about 30% of all American homeowners). Close to 80% own their tiny home outright and over half of them have more money in their savings than do other Americans. About a third of tiny home owners are able to put away at least $10,000 for their retirement.

It is more common for women to own a tiny home, but only slightly. 55% of tiny home owners are women and 45% are men. Two-fifths are over the age of 50. It’s also interesting to note that those who live in a tiny home are two times more likely to have obtained a Master’s degree. They also earn about $468 more per year, with an average annual income of $42,038.

Get Your Own Home Today

It’s your choice between a wooden home (wooden structures and wooden floors) or a metal home (metal structures with a concrete floor.) You can choose between a metal or composition roof, and the final price includes all outside walls, doors, and windows.

How small can you go? We offer homes from 8x12 feet up to 16x40 feet. Whatever size you require, let us know, as we build the home to your specifications.

Don’t think that your home will be ‘cookie cutter’ either – you can let us know all of the specific details of your home and choose from over 50 paint colors.

Many people are now choosing to buy tiny homes to rent out as holiday homes in Glen Rose. This can be a highly lucrative choice – spend very little on the cottages yet take in the same rental amount. Due to the smaller footprint of the cottages, you can earn more rental income in total compared to traditional buildings on the same tract of land.

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