Graceland Portable Buildings

We stock a wide range of Graceland Portable Buildings, some of the best quality portable buildings you’ll find in Texas.

  • Graceland Portable Buildings are manufactured with Mennonite Craftsmanship, which is the finest in the business.
  • The wood is treated to resist termites and decay and the floor joists are 2x6 so that they are more durable.
  • All of the parts we use are high quality lumbar and the nails are dipped in galvanized ring shank to hold better.
  • The walls and floors are made 5/8” thick, which is thicker than the competition and therefore sturdier.
  • The metal roofs are screwed down so that they are much more secure.
  • The roofs have a continuous vent to them with a screen so that the bugs and insects are kept out.
  • The roofs also have a ‘Continuous Soffit’ which is patented by Graceland. It is located under each eave and keeps the building 10-15 degrees cooler for you on those hot summer days.
  • Graceland Portable Buildings reach all international building codes.
  • We have the strongest warranties in the business for Graceland Portable Buildings. The shingles and metal on Graceland Portable Buildings have a 25-year warranty and all of the treated wood on Graceland Portable Buildings has a Limited Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty. We also offer a 7-year warranty on the workmanship of Graceland Portable Buildings.

Graceland Portable Buildings at Texas Quality Structures

Texas Quality Structures supplies a wide range of Graceland Portable Buildings because we believe they are one of the best in the business. From barns to cabins, sheds to garages, we have it all.

The design choices available for Graceland Portable Buildings go much further than your typical barn or shed. We do offer traditional barns and cabins from 8-foot up to 16-foot, but there are other options to consider. Would you prefer a corner porch cabin with double windows and a comfortable porch for the evening? Alternatively, how about a corner porch lofted barn cabin with three windows and a lofted roof?

Combinations of your favorite designs are available, such as lofted barn cabins and lofted barns. The garden sheds on offer have double doors for convenience, and are clearly of a standard much higher than you could receive from purchasing from a home and garden store.

Consider the side porch cabin, which is virtually a home in itself. A side-lofted barn might suit your space needs better, or there’s the exciting wrap around porch lofted barn cabin. Finally, for a gorgeous dark finish, consider a solid stain building.

About Graceland Portable Buildings

Graceland started out because of Daniel and Valorie Burnett. It initially started in April 2005 as Graceland Rentals because other manufacturing companies had made requests for portable building rental. The company grew consistently and eventually expanded from doing just rentals to manufacturing. The company showed off its skills and knowledge and made its customers its number one priority.

Graceland has many different customers from businesses to residential and everything in between. At Graceland, they try to remember that they are as good as they are because of the customers, the employees, and the products. They try to give customers the best quality out there.

For questions, call 817-517-3417 (Glen Rose) or 530-953-7898 (Stephenville). You may also visit one of our locations to speak with our team.