Texwin Metal Buildings and Barns

Texwin metal buildings and barns offer a variety of building styles and options to suit any need you may have.

There are many benefits of owning a metal building or barn, for example, all of Texwin metal buildings and barns are termite proof so you don’t need to worry about damage to your structure and costly repairs. These products are easy to clean and are stain resistant - made from galvanized steel that won’t rust or rot.

Another great feature is that metal buildings and barns are recyclable making your purchase environmentally friendly. To best understand the products and features, though, you need to look at the products individually as each product offers specific things and decide which product is best for you.

Carports and Garages

If you are worried about sun or weather damage to your vehicle, recreational vehicle or equipment then this product is definitely for you. The garages and carports come in sizes ranging from 10’ X 10’ to 60’ X 100’ making them perfect for anything from an ATV or motorcycle to a full-size camper and everything in between. You are able to choose from three different styles of roofs and 11 different colors to allow you to best match the buildings already on your property.

These are more than just a normal carport or garage to simply park a vehicle under, models are also available with storage attached giving you the most space without additional structures being built or placed. The attached storage garage and carports come with the availability to have the storage on either the back of the structure or the side of the structure.

The open-air carports are also perfect to provide cover over an existing patio or porch or can be used for outdoor gatherings to provide a dry place to spend time together regardless of what the weather is like outside. The enclosed garages can double as a hobby area or studio and provides a more secure option for you over the open-air carport.

Barns and Sheds

Texwin metal buildings are much more than just a place to store a vehicle. We also offer a variety of barns and sheds. One of the models is the horse barn style. These aren’t just for horses though; they can house other forms of livestock or they can be used as an office or workshop. They come in a variety of sizes from 36’ X 26’ to 48’ X 51’ and 11 different colors. We have many options for added features to suit exactly what you need such as walk-in doors, sectional doors, storm braces, storm anchors, windows with and without shutters and gable additions to carports or sheds.

If you don’t need a full building such as the horse barn, a good option might be the loafing shed model. These are enclosed on three sides with the fourth side being open for easy access. They are ideal for giving horses or other livestock a safe place to get out of inclement weather or just a cool place to relax on a sunny day. They can also be used as an open-air storage for farm equipment, boats, or other vehicles.

If you need something larger, we also offer sheds that can house larger equipment such as bulldozers, tractors and other large farm equipment. They can be built fully enclosed or with different openings and doors to suit your needs. You have the option of adding windows and vents as needed as well as additional storage on the sides.

Metal and Steel Building Kits

Texwin metal buildings and barns also come with the option to build it yourself with its metal and steel building kits. Styles available in the building kits include both carports and carports with storage, fully enclosed garages, and workshops. These kits don’t require any welding or require you to have any special knowledge or skills. All you need is a level site, two adults, basic tools and most can be assembled in as little as one day. All kits also come with an instructional video to help you with the process.

If you are looking for outdoor storage that gives you the option to customize every aspect of the building process then Texwin metal buildings and barns are the best picks for you. We have models to fit any and all of your needs and are a quick, easy solution to your storage needs.

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